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Erin McFadden


Born and raised in the hoods of Milton and Oakville, Ontario.  She was a troubled child, always having people telling her what to do, even her parents!  So, she resorted to hard core drugs and comedic stunts.  She buried herself in her art of making people laugh. Erin would not be defeated.  If she did not acquire laughter, she would pursue her victim until a reaction was met.  From punches in the face to restraining orders, Erin's had her share.  One day she realized that she wasn't the only one!  She found Nara!  A sense of humour as treacherous as her own.   Although Nara grew up on the other side of the pond, they had so much in common!  She too, had only two parents, not four like the other kids families they grew up with.  Their grandfathers were both Train Engineers.  They both sang Carol Burnett's version of "Little Girls" for their child youth therapy groups.  Both had Collies as their first pet!  And even weirder Nara's name spelled backwards--- you got it- pretty close to Erin!  So they obviously fell madly in love and decided to live a life together full of laughter, love, and a few punches still here and there.

Nara Farrell


Named after a City in Japan, a traveller was Nara.  She moved all over the place in her youth.  From England, to the US, to Greece, to Spain, Belgium, and finally landed here in Canada to settle- for now!  She has a fascinaton for theatrics, farting and old people.  She remains an avid watcher of French and Saunders, and one day hopes to meet her idols and be able to gawk at them directly in their faces.  Her talent for accents has received  plenty of trouble for her over the years.  She was once arrested for playing a russian spy to a police officer.  We tried to convince her it wasn't funny.  But another characteristc of Nara is that she is very stubborn.  When Nara first met Erin, she was taken aback by her almost unbelieveable good looks.  She stood there with her jaw open in awe of her.  Very embarrassing!  But after a few drinks, she was able to speak again.  They hit it off and have lived happily ever after so far.  No prenups as of yet.